I should have loved you less.
I should have loved myself more.
- (166/365) by (DS)

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It’s taken me time to appreciate
the way you hold the word love
like something that’s breakable.
I don’t know how to be tentative
with my emotions, and I often
let them out before they’re ready;
love always looks more pathetic
still crawling and needing to be
held. When I finally hear the things
that you feel, they are grown and
careful. They are large and shy.
I want you to know that your
cautious love is something I
admire. Love isn’t always
bigger just because it is louder.
- anne, there are a lot of poems about showy, ridiculous, unmannerly love, but sometimes giant love is timid. (via anneisrestless)

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The trouble is, you think you have time. - Buddha (via pursuitofbeing)

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i’m basically a clingy needy piece of shit that just wants to cuddle and to sleep and to watch stupid movies and to make out with you. oh and i also want you to play with my hair until i fall asleep

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Title: Palpable
Artist: I Am Oak